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VERA CRUZ Law and Accounting Office
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Book keeping. Accounting Service Quezon City

Why Choose Us:

"Absolutely Dependable"

Client as Partners
We believe that our clients is our business partner whom we want to have a long-term relationship with
by providing ethical and excellent accounting service that add value to their business. 
Dependable Service Provider
We see to it that our partners focus their mind and resources on managing their business while we efficiently update their books, prepare tax returns and compliance documents with consistent quality.
Commitment to Quality Service
Our clients can count on the consistency of quality in our work. We give highest priority to the satisfaction of our clients.

What We Can Do For You, Our Partner:

Basic Bookkeeping Package for Small Business:
(1) Gather and Record Source Documents:
- Invoices,
- Official Receipts,
- Payslip, Bank Statements,
- Vouchers, Registers,
- Billing Statement etc 

(2) Update Books of Accounts
(Philippine Accounting Standards and other relevant standards)
- Cash Disbursement Journal
- Cash Receipts Journal
- Purchase Journal, Sales Journal
- General Journal
- General Ledger
- Subsidiary Ledger

(3) Tax Preparation
1701Q, 1701, 1702Q, 1702, 2550M, 2550Q, 2551M, 2551
1601C/E/F, 1600, 1604CF, 1604E
Letter of Authority, Letter of Notice.

(4) Produce Unaudited Financial Statements 
- Statement of Financial Position/ Balance Sheet
- Statement of Financial Performance/ Income Statement
- Statement of Cash Flows
- Statement Changes in Owner s/ Shareholders Equity
- Notes to the Financial Statements

What s in it for YOU - Benefits
Organized financial documents
Updated books of accounts
Saves time
TAX compliance
Produces savings
Reduces business risk
Clear picture of the financial standing of your business
Full control of your business
Peace of mind

Professional Fee: P4,500.00/month**

We ensure that our fees commensurate to the services, expertise, and effort required to provide the service.

Who We Are: 
Nico T. Vera Cruz, CPA
- RT and Co. (Former Auditor)
- IT Internal Auditor
- San Beda College

Atty. Philip Josef T. Vera Cruz
- University of the Philippines-Diliman
- University of Santo Tomas - LLB
- Head - Legal Division - Dangerous Drugs Board

Atty. Romeo G. Vera Cruz, CPA
- SGV and Co. (Former Auditor)
- San Beda College (17th-Placer CPA Board Examination) 

Call our friendly CPA +63932 864 1670

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Book keeping. Accounting Services Quezon City
What We Can Do For You: 1.Gather Source Documents –such as Invoices, Official Receipts, Payslip, Ba ...
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